Sunday, June 1, 2008

COE Assessment Team!

We have a great team who've committed to working on the NCATE tasks in summer 2008 and summer 2009. These colleagues may be contacting you to let you know that they are working on the assessment tasks and program review process. We've split up the programs so that we can better facilitate each program with their review process. One of our first orders of business is to create a supplement assessment form for our teacher candidates that are in their senior student teaching semester. It is essential that each program assess their candidate's knowledge, skills, and dispositions according to their program standards. Prior to this initiative, supervisors in the field have used the more broadly written COE competencies on the midterm and final competency assessments. Beginning in September they will also use a program supplement for the candidates they are supervising. It's quite an undertaking, and when you hear from one of the Assessment Team as we work on this task this summer, please be prompt in your response. Have a great summer!
Jo Hoffman

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