Saturday, December 29, 2007

New year, new blog name

Hello to Kean's College of Education Community!

For those who have visited this blog before, you'll notice a new name for the blog--NCATE 2010. The blog was originally created for discussion about the College of Education's Conceptual Framework that recently underwent revision. To view the revised CF, go to the COE website and click on the NCATE link. Thanks to all who contributed!

As we ramp up for the upcoming program reviews and the NCATE visit in 2010, a blog such as this can be a valuable resource to celebrate accomplishments as well as to share and discuss concerns and questions about program assessments, the NCATE process and even the new unit assessment, the Teacher Work Sample.

As the blog creator, I hope to post a question for discussion each month and offer support for questions you post to the blog.

Blogging is easy, marginally fun, and ultimately a great way to allow for on-going discussions about topics of concern or interest to you. So let me be the first to welcome you to our blog and to say Happy 2008!
Jo Hoffman